AGS Anti Gas System

The AGS (Anti Gas System) is a unique offering provided by Acketts.

Unlike other suppression systems within the market, the AGS system ignites gas inserted eliminating the possibility of significant gas build-up within the safe. Also with a secondary protection unit, consisting of an infra-red sensor and potassium compound the AGS provides additional fire protection.

The AGS provides many benefits:

  • Is not dependent on sensor activation. Sensors can be tricked and have a time lapse for activation.
  • It is not limited to certain and assumed explosive gases. If it is flammable, ignition will occur.
  • No need for cylinders, the AGS is space saving and can be fitted in very limited spaces.
  • Electromagnetic mounting allows the ignitors to be wall mounted and easily transferable. The AGS is therefore a moveable asset.
  • Mains driven but supported with a battery backup for added protection.
In comparison to other systems available, the AGS is very cost efficient both at initial outlay and for maintenance. Included within the device is:

  • An output system, to notify alarm systems of activation and also power failure.
  • Programmable to only be active in defined time parameters.
  • In built door interlock system, deactivates unit with legitimate safe door opening. This removes concerns that may be felt for on-site engineering or cash replenishment.
  • Ignitors remain active after attempted attack.
The AGS system has been a popular addition to our portfolio, having been deployed in sizable programmes for two main Financial Institutions and other IADs.

Working with our European partners, Acketts continue to develop the system in keeping with UK demands and will continue to work with our clients against the threat of criminal attacks.