ATM Product Design and Engineering
Secured By Design

Running in parallel to our Installation services, Acketts benefit from its own Product Design and Engineering division.

Working with the latest technology, our designers are able to produce illustrative 2D & 3D designs from concept to full manufacturing drawings.

Our in-house engineers and technical advisors can help with create innovative design solutions for any given project. With R and D support, Acketts can also ensure production efficiencies and prototype development.

Our Clients can also benefit from:

  • Rendered imagery that can be used as sales aid for any marketing campaigns they may have.
  • Utilising our experience within the ATM industry enables us to come up with fresh and exciting ideas.
  • Both ATM security and non-security products can be designed and tailored to our client’s requirements.
  • Using a trusted and reliable design service, as a company that holds licensed products under Secured By Design.