Failed ATM Ram Raid secured with Acketts ATD

Failed ATM Ram Raid secured with Acketts ATD

The Nationwide branch in Church Street, Caversham, was hit by a large 4×4 vehicle at around 5am. The frame holding the cash machine in place was completely detached from the front of the building, and glass and debris littered the pavement along with shattered headlight plastic. Scene of crime officers were still investigating at 10am this morning.

Caversham man Stephen Crehan said: “I’m not that surprised, there’s actually quite a bit of crime around here – but whoever did has got to have a lot of audacity. It was busy round here last night, and by that time this morning you’d think there would be some people around.”

The cash machine itself was left intact, and the raiders fled empty handed.

The pavement outside the bank is protected by metal bollards, but these are for the safety of pedestrians rather than to guard against ram raids.